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Louet Weaving Supplies

AccessoriesShuttles and hooks, bobbin racks and warping reels, counters and much more.

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WE-LSP Louet Louet Spare Parts

Louet Spare Parts

Raddles Sections, Warp Sticks, and Lease Stricks come with many new Louët Looms, but spare parts are sometimes needed. Call if you need these or any other parts not listed here.

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WE-LRH Louet Louet Reed Hook

Louet Reed Hook

Reed hook, or Sley Hook, made of plastic, 10 cm (4") long.


WE-LBRSB Louet Louet Single Bobbin for Bobbin Rack

Louet Single Bobbin for Bobbin Rack

While the Louet Bobbin Rack already comes with 32 bobbins, its sometimes nice to have a few extras when your weaving projects get really complicated.


WE-LSF Louet Louet Shuttles

Louet Shuttles

1. Jumbo rag shuttle. For our wide shed looms 60x7x6 cm (23,5"x3"x2,5") weight: 360 gr. (13 oz). Lacquered beech. 2. Rag shuttle standard. Suitable for all looms for making rugs. Size: 50x3,5x4,5 cm (19,5"x1,5"x1") Weight: 210 gr. (8 oz). 3. Flat shuttles. 40 cm...

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WE-LTH Louet Louet Texsolv Heddles

Louet Texsolv Heddles

Texsolv System heddles are made from crocheted, heat treated polyester.All sizes come in joined, 100-heddle bundles, except for the 392mm, which come in 50-heddle bundles. The strong, durable polyester is crocheted without knots. The open construction of the heddles makes threading easy and almost...

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LTLC Louet Louet Texsolv Loop Cord

Louet Texsolv Loop Cord

Texsolv Loop Cord 15 M (50') Texsolv system of unique, crocheted chain cord and special, strong nylon couplers permits rapid loom tie-up. Crocheted polyester cord is extremely durable and knotless. Nylon couplers quickly slide into place.


LTP Louet Louet Texsolv Pegs

Louet Texsolv Pegs

Texsolv Pegs 24/bag


VID-LWLd Louet Louet Looms: Features of David, Delta, Megado and Octado Looms

Louet Looms: Features of David, Delta, Megado and Octado Looms

Louet Looms: Features of David, Delta, Megado and Octado Looms DVD This new DVD from Louet is specifically designed to help you become more familiar and more proficient in operating your Louet loom. Hosted by Jane Stafford, a recognized expert in the weaving field. The DVD features a product...


WE-LHH Louet Louet Heddle Hook

Louet Heddle Hook

A heddle hook, or threading hook, is used for drawing the warp threads through the heddles. 18 cm (7") long, with wooden handle.


WE-LR Louet Louet Reeds

Louet Reeds

Louet Reeds come in 6, 8, 10, 12, and 15 dent, which refers to the number of slots per inch, and in 16", 28", 36", 45", and 52" lengths to fit a wide range of Louet looms: Klik40/Kombo40/Magic—16" Kombo70/David70/Magic/Megado70—28" David 90/Spring...

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