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Louet Dobby Looms

Dobby LoomsA dobby mechanism (programmable shaft selector) is an alternative for the tie-ups to the treadles on a standard hand weaving loom. Looms with 16 or more shafts benefit from a dobby mechanism, because it can become unmanageable to operate such a loom with treadles. Looms with less than 16 shafts also benefit from the ease that a dobby mechanism offers. An 8-shaft jack loom requires an average of 40 tie-ups on the treadles. A countermarche requires 80 tie-ups. With a dobby loom, you can say good-bye to the tie-ups! An investment in a Louet dobby loom will allow you many years of comfortable weaving.

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VID-LWLd Louet Louet Looms: Features of David, Delta, Megado and Octado Looms

Louet Looms: Features of David, Delta, Megado and Octado Looms

Louet Looms: Features of David, Delta, Megado and Octado Looms DVD This new DVD from Louet is specifically designed to help you become more familiar and more proficient in operating your Louet loom. Hosted by Jane Stafford, a recognized expert in the weaving field. The DVD features a product...


WE-LLMD Louet Louet Magic Dobby Loom

Louet Magic Dobby Loom

The Magic Dobby Loom is a 24-harness loom available in 16" (M40) or 28" (M70) width. It has 24 shafts for complex weaving, but the construction and operation of the dobby system are both easy to understand and simple to work with. Compact and easily folded to take along with you;...

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WE-LLO Louet Louet Octado

Louet Octado

The Octado 70/90/110 features 8 harness dobby weaving. It's available in 28” (70 cm), 36" (90 cm), or 44" (110 cm) weaving widths. It is modeled after the larger Megado and has the same mechanical action for making a large countermarch shed. It features a floating breast beam and...

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WE-LLM Louet Louet Megado

Louet Megado

The Megado "Mega Dobby" 70/110/130 is an innovative dobby loom available in 28" (70 cm), 44" (110 cm), or 52" (130 cm) widths and with 16 or 32 shafts. The lifting mechanism is very light to operate and the unique system creates a very large shed. It can be purchased with...

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