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Schacht Weaving Supplies

Schacht quality comes through in every one of their accessories—from the smallest object to the largest.

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WE-SWSR Schacht Schacht Spool Rack

Schacht Spool Rack

Spool Rack—A spool rack is essential for sectional warping. Ours will hold up to forty 4" spools and has a center post that pivots for easy loading and unloading. The center post locks into place during use. Even though the spool rack is generally used for sectional warping. It can be...

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WE-SRStd Schacht Schacht Standard Raddle

Schacht Standard Raddle

Standard Raddles—Raddles help keep a warp spread evenly as it is wound onto the warp beam. Schacht's have built-in clamps and can be attached to either the loom's back beam or the shuttle race of the beater. The raddles come with plated pins inserted every inch and with holes drilled every...

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WE-SSS Schacht Schacht Stick Shuttles

Schacht Stick Shuttles

The simplest and most versatile of all shuttles. They are available in 9", 10", 12", 16", 20", 24" and 30" lengths. We recommend you choose a stick shuttle slightly longer than the width of your warp .

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WE-STB Schacht Schacht Tension Box

Schacht Tension Box

Schacht's Tension Box features a mounting bracket that adjusts to fit all their looms: Wolf, Standard, or Cranbrook. It should be compatible with no-Schacht floor looms as well. Features include: two-sided sturdy construction with a reed at the back, an adjustable tension knob, a heddle to...


WE-SFT Schacht Schacht Traps for Flip Looms

Schacht Traps for Flip Looms

The Flip Trap give you a convenient yet still portable place to set your tools while weaving. The Flip Trap installs into the ends of the loom sides, using the same holes as the clamps.

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WE-SUUS Schacht Schacht Ultra Umbrella Swift

Schacht Ultra Umbrella Swift

Schacht Ultra Umbrella Swift (with or without counter) The Ultra Umbrella Swift is ingeniously designed with features you will love. The optional revolution counter makes it easier to determine skein yardage. Features: Ball bearings for exceptionally smooth turning Pushes down to open and will not...

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WE-SWYC Schacht Schacht Warp Yardage Counter

Schacht Warp Yardage Counter

Warp Yardage Counter—A useful tool for sectional warping. Available in models that count either in yards or meters.

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WE-SWP Schacht Schacht Warping Paddle

Schacht Warping Paddle

Warping Paddles can save you time when measuring many warp threads. Our paddle makes it possible to measure up to 20 threads at a time. The slot-and-eye design alleviates the need to hand pick the cross. The square handle makes it easy to clamp our warping paddle to a shelf or table.


WE-SWPegs Schacht Schacht Warping Pegs

Schacht Warping Pegs

Warping Pegs are the simplest and most portable warp-measuring tools. They clamp to a table or counter—the single peg placed at one end of the warp length and the pair of pegs placed at the other end and spread as far apart as the warp is long. Use with your own "C" clamps.


WE-SWB Schacht Schacht Weaving Bench

Schacht Weaving Bench

Floor Loom Weaving Bench Schacht's loom bench is a beautiful companion piece to the Wolf looms and Standard floor looms. The bench seat height is adjustable from 19" to 24" and has been designed to offer you both a flat and a slanted seat position. The bench is free of side posts, which...

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