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Schacht Weaving Supplies

Schacht quality comes through in every one of their accessories—from the smallest object to the largest.

All Schacht weaving supplies are now on sale at 25% off!

Although the original price for each individual item is not shown, rest assured that the discounted price shown for the main item has already been applied to all other items on the page.

Remember, there is always free shipping on orders over $250.

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WE-SRHB Schacht Schacht Brass Reed Hook

Schacht Brass Reed Hook

Reed Hook —brass S-shaped reed hook is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The large hook makes the sleying of various size yarns easy.
Sale: $5.63
Save: 25% off


WE-SSS Schacht Schacht Stick Shuttles

Schacht Stick Shuttles

The simplest and most versatile of all shuttles. They are available in 9", 10", 12", 16", 20", 24" and 30" lengths. We recommend you choose a stick shuttle slightly longer than the width of your warp .
Sale: $5.63
Save: 25% off

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WE-SSB Schacht Schacht Belt Shuttle

Schacht Belt Shuttle

Schacht Belt Shuttle Specially designed for use with inkle looms, this shuttle has a bevelled edge for packing in the weft. 8" x 1 3/4" x 1/4"
Sale: $8.06
Save: 25% off


WE-SSBOB Schacht Schacht Boat Shuttle Bobbins

Schacht Boat Shuttle Bobbins

Schacht Boat Shuttle Bobbins These plastic bobbins are needed for the Mini Boat Shuttle (4" bobbin), and the 11" (4" bobbin), 13"  (5" bobbin) and 15" (6" bobbin) boat shuttles. Come in packs of 10.
Sale: $11.25
Save: 25% off

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WE-SWSw Schacht Schacht Weaving Swords

Schacht Weaving Swords

Schacht weaving swords are designed for Navajo weaving and lend themselves well to other simple tapestry and backstrap looms. The beveled edge on one side can be used to press the weft into place.They come in three sizes: 16", 22", and 30".
Sale: $12.00
Save: 25% off

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SWA-SDYG Schacht Schacht Dizzy Yarn Gauge

Schacht Dizzy Yarn Gauge

The Dizzy Yarn Gauge is an indispensable little tool for both spinners and weavers. It has 1/2" & 1" measures and can be used for a weaver's sett gauge or spinner's yarn gauge as well as a diz for wool combing. 3"x 4"
Sale: $14.25
Save: 25% off


WE-SWP Schacht Schacht Warping Paddle

Schacht Warping Paddle

Warping Paddles can save you time when measuring many warp threads. Our paddle makes it possible to measure up to 20 threads at a time. The slot-and-eye design alleviates the need to hand pick the cross. The square handle makes it easy to clamp our warping paddle to a shelf or table.
Sale: $19.50
Save: 25% off


WE-SFT Schacht Schacht Traps for Flip Looms

Schacht Traps for Flip Looms

The Flip Trap give you a convenient yet still portable place to set your tools while weaving. The Flip Trap installs into the ends of the loom sides, using the same holes as the clamps.
Sale: $22.50
Save: 25% off

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WE-SSS Schacht Schacht Ski Shuttles

Schacht Ski Shuttles

Schacht Ski Shuttles Made to hold medium to heavy yarns, ski shuttles are designed so that the yarn is wrapped horizontally around the top of the ski. The smooth bottom slides smoothly across the warp.
Sale: $34.50
Save: 25% off

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WE-SWBS Schacht Schacht Small Warping Board

Schacht Small Warping Board

Small Warping Board —Warping Boards are the most commonly used measuring devices. This smaller, 4 1/2 yard warping board, measures a half yard across. To withstand the strain of threads under tension, the hardwood dowels are tenoned and pressed securely into the frame.
Sale: $64.50
Save: 25% off


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